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We recommend Glycoflex I, II, and III joint supplements.  In order to assure the freshest product possible, you may order directly from the manufacturer by using the link below.

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We recommend natural rainforest recovery formula for arthritis pain, soft tissue strains/sprains, and to speed post-operative recovery.  In order to assure the freshest product possible, you may order directly from the manufacturer by using the link at the end of the description below.

This combination of herbs is excellent for healing and recovering from injuries, illnesses or stress.  The core of the formula comes from the Shao-Lin monks in China who use them to recover from bumps, bruises, strains, and other injuries received during their martial arts training.  Then some wonderful herbs from the Amazon rainforest were added to increase healing from stress and strain painful/swollen joints and osteoarthritis. This formula is now well rounded to help with recovery from exercise, injury or surgery, as well being great support for arthritic patients.

All athletes can use herbs to shorten recovery time after strenuous exercise or competition, and our performance dogs and horses can too!  These herbs help knit muscle strains by dissipating blood and swelling at the injury site.  They can also reduce lactic acid produced during hard exercise.  The added circulation helps to relieve soreness, cramps and trauma while reducing swelling and the risk of future injury to muscles and joints.
This formula is excellent for shortening recovery time from illness, injury or surgery.  The herbs help support liver function and allow the body to better utilize oxygen.  They also balance the endocrine system and calm the nerves after a stressful situation, such as travel, noise-phobias, (thunderstorm or fireworks) kenneling, grooming, etc.  These herbs help detoxify, invigorate and balance the body, and can be used as an anti-inflammatory for both soft tissue and joints.  They are also safely combined with anti-inflammatory/pain medications that are commonly used in our pets.  You can feel safe using these herbs even in older pets or those with metabolic disease, when sometimes we are unable to use any medications.  These herbs are whole foods sustainably harvested from the Amazon Rainforest.  For more info or to place an order directly from the manufacturer, click here.

Cuts and Scrapes

Apply topically to cleaned wound to staunch bleeding, seal the wound and prevent scarring.  The sap dries quickly and forms a barrier, much like a “second skin.”  Accelerates healing, prevents itching and infection.
When applied to infected wounds Sangre helps kill bacteria and promote drainage.  If possible, clean and dry wound prior to application.  If this is not possible apply Sangre de Drago directly to wound and clean later after pain levels have reduced.

Dental tartar and gum disease Softens dental tartar and promotes healthy gums in pets.  Rub Sangre de Drago topically on teeth and gums twice a day for 7 days or until tartar has softened and gum redness has disappeared.  When used along with feeding bones or light tooth brushing softened tartar often disappears within 4-6 days.
Allergies and ItchingEases itching, pain, discomfort, swelling and redness associated with wasps, fire ants, mosquitoes, bees, cuts, abrasions and allergic plant reactions (poison ivy, etc.)  Apply topically to cover the affected area.
Scar Tissue and Skin BlemishesUse topically twice a day to stimulate circulation and cellular repair.  As tissue begins to change, stimulate by scrubbing with washcloth or soft brush, dry area and reapply.  The older the scar tissue the longer this process may take.
Pain Relief Reduces pain sensation by blocking the activation of nerve fibers that relay pain signals to the brain as well as blocking the tissue response to a chemical released by nerves that promotes inflammation.
Use topically on painful wounds or give 3-10 drops internally in tepid water for digestive pain.  Coat gums for oral pain due to toothache or gum infection.
Nail TrimmingApply topically to nails to stop bleeding and seal the end of the nail and prevent infection.
DiarrheaGive 3-10 drops orally in tepid water to help control diarrhea and lower digestive tract pain levels.  Give hourly until symptoms subside.  Can be mixed with liquid probiotics to assist in digestive health.

Click here to order directly from the manufacturer.